True service to mankind is service to God. Particularly for those who are poor, diseased and helpless. Government health institutions are like an oasis in the desert which work for this noble cause. They provide medical services to ailing, diseased & suffering people, free of charge.

Civil Hospital has a grand heritage and vast history spanning over 160 years of its service to the patients, since its inception in 1841.Earlier it was located at The Collector’s Office, Ghee Kanta.To meet with the needs of increasing population and patients, expansion was needed. In   that    time, some great   figures  of  charity  and  humanity  came forward  to help them . Among them there were  Sheth Shri Hathising & Premabhai , men with  mercy, who  donated  for  free health  services , aid  and  treatment  to  the  people , and as an outcome Old   Civil  Hospital came into existence in  1858.There were 12 wards in the hospital. The Ahmedabad Medical School was started in 1871 with the intake capacity of 14 students as Hospital Assistant (H A).It was attached to the Civil Hospital at Ghee Kanta. Bayramji Jeejibhoy had donated Rs. 20000 in 1879 to open the Medical School which is now known as B J Medical College.  In 1879 an adjoining block known as “Wylie Ward” was added. In the year 1900 AD with the donation of Rs 32000 from Khan Bahadur Nawrojee Pestanji Vakil C.I.I., an eye hospital and outdoor patients section were started. From the funds collected by public of Ahmedabad, a well equipped surgical unit named “Mary Lambert Operation Theatre “was created in the year 1907 AD. In the year 1911 AD, from another donation of Rs 40000 received from Khan Bahadur navroji Pestanji Vakil, a Maternity Unit and Women & Children’s Wards were constructed. Thus, the old Civil Hospital was developed. It was shifted to the New Civil Hospital, Asarwa area, Ahmedabad    on 2nd November 1953 at its present building which was constructed by government to meet with the need of increasing number of patients.   It is spread over 110 acres of area.

It has all kind of health facilities ,specialities & super specialties such as Medical , Surgical , Gynec ,  Ortho ,  ENT ,  Skin  &  V. D.,  Pediatric,  Ped. Surgery, Neurosurgery etc.  Other institutions existing in the campus are autonomously providing medical / surgical treatment for specific diseases. They are   Kidney   Hospital, U.N.    Mehta    Heart   Hospital, Dental   & Cancer Hospital, T.B. Hospital & Paraplegia Hospital. In  every  calamity , whether it is in form  of  epidemic ,  riots , earthquake or  any  hazards  ,  they have  always   stood with the  people. Disaster Management & Trauma service are the important parts of its services.

New Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad has more than 2000 beds & 44 wards for indoor patients providing   treatment to over 9 lac O P D patients and more than 1 lac indoor patients annually.

Civil  Hospital  is a  vast  medicity ,  well  equipped  with  modern  apparatus .   All type of treatment & investigations are provided   free of charge. A few investigations are charged for at minimum of rates.

It is one of the biggest   hospitals in Asia.  It is a teaching institute affiliated to the B J Medical College imparting education to MBBS & PG medical students.

The   seeds  of  fruits  that  we  eat  today were laid by men of great humanity & mercy – the   great donor ,  philanthropist Sheth  Shri Hathising  &  Sheth  Shri  Premabhai , after whom the  hospital is named  . Let’s remember their great service to mankind & pay homage to them.


The 6th Nagarsheth of Ahmedabad city, in tradition of Nagarsheth, from Shantidas Zaveri family, Premabhai was born in Kartik month of Samvat 1871. i.e. 1815 A.D.

During the  rebellion  of  1857,  he  ran  a  private  Angadia ( Courier ) service.He was entitled “ Rav Saheb “ in 1877 by Government for his devotion to the government.

He was given the honorary membership of Mumbai Govt.  Legislative  Assembly. He was the president of Gujarat Vernacular Society (now Gujarat Vidhyasabha) for which he had donated.

He had also donated for Premabhai Hall and Prem Darwaja.

He had donated Rs. 20000 for Old Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Premabhai died in 1887.


By  occupation , a  Jain  merchant ,  Sheth  Shri   Hathising  was  a  magnanimous  donor  and organizer of activities .

He was born in 1796 A.D. He lost his father at a tender age. He married    the daughter of Nagarsheth Sheth Shri Hemabhai. First he married Rukmini and later on her sister Prasanna, as Rukmini unfortunately became blind. Prasanna too died as a young age. Then he married Harkuvarba, a pious lady, a businessman’s daughter from Ghogha.

He built the famous Jain Temple in Ahmedabad , known as “ Hathising Jain Temple”.

His wife Harkuvarba donated Rs. 55000 to Civil Hospital in the name of her husband in 1856.

Shri Hathising died in 1845 A.D.

CIVIL SURGEON : SIR D. WYLIE  M.D. I.M.S.   ( 1796-1818 ):

He was a reputed civil surgeon. He donated Rs. 13000 for Civil Hospital. He administered as Civil Surgeon in 1856, 1859 & 1869 A.D. Being a non – Indian & a salaried person, his contribution certainly is not of less worth than any other.