Civil Campus

  1. B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad
  2. Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Ahmedabad (22 beds)
  3. M & J Institute of Ophthalmology, Ahmedabad (250 beds)
  4. Govt. Spine Institute and Physiotherapy College and Prosthesis and Orthotic College, Ahmedabad (80 beds)
  5. The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (M.P. Shah Cancer Hospital) & The Gujarat Cancer Society, Ahmedabad (650 beds)
  6. Smt. Gulabben Rasiklal Doshi and Smt. Kamlaben Mafatlal Mehta Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre, Ahmedabad (400 beds)
  7. U. N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre, Ahmedabad (450 beds)
  8. Gujarat Institute of Nursing Education and Research, Ahmedabad. (GINERA)
  9. State T.B. Demonstration & Training Centre, Ahmedabad
  10. Office of the Regional Deputy Director, Ahmedabad
  11. Council House
  • Medical Council
  • Dental Council
  • Nursing Council
  • Homeopathic Council
  • Ayurvedic Council
  • Pharmacy Council