• 110 acres of area
  • One of the largest hospitals in Asia
  • 30 Departments
  • 2000 Beds
  • 16 Operation theatres
  • 44 Wards
  • Over 7.5 lacs OPD patients
  • More than 70,000 indoor patients per year
  • Around 30,000 surgical procedures per year
  • Average 7500 deliveries per year


  • The Civil Hospital campus is spreaded over 110 acres of land.  It was constructed in 1952.
  • It is like a medical township
  • Such a big complex serves poor people without any charge and for others; it is equipped with the latest and modern instruments for various treatments and management of diseases.
  • It has ultramodern facilities and equipments costing more than Rs.1000 crore.
  • It is one of the oldest, biggest and modern hospitals in the world giving all types of health services to the people free of cost.
  • At present its plinth area of 17462 sq. mt. and built up area of 57395 sq. mt. The Hospital has 8 blocks (O to G) with 3-4 floors.
  • It consists of Total 44 wards including 34 General wards, 58 special rooms, 17 Operation Theatres, Postoperative wards, Emergency wards, ICU, MRI Imaging Counter etc., 2040 indoor beds, Total employees are 2200, including 31 Medical Doctors and 1045 nurses.  It treats about 7 lacs of OPD patients, 70,000 indoor patients, 30,000 operations and Procedure 2.80,000 and 6,500 deliveries annually.


  • It is known as Outdoor Patients Department. Here patients get examined, diagnosed, treated and admitted if needed or given medicines. It is a vast deptt. With all specialties, superspecialities & investigation facilities.
  • The present OPD bldg.  Earlier housed the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat State. It is spread in four wings & three floors including the ground floor. It has plinth area of 1946 sq. mt. and built up area of 5735 sq. mt. It has 80 rooms on each floor.
  • All medical specialties and super specialties are providing routine OPD and indoor patient care as well as emergency services.