Emergency Medicine Department

  • General Information

Head of Department                               –    Dr. Samira N. Parikh

Address                                               –    Trauma First Floor, Main Building,

Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Phone No. (ext.)                                   –    079-22683721 (1267, 1471)

Fax No.                                               –    079-22683421


  • Services Available


  • Modern Well-equipped Trauma Center
  • 24- hours Emergency Department
  • Round the clock laboratory services
  • Well armed imaging center with X-ray machines, Sonography, CT Scan, MRI, Interventional Radiology facilities
  • ICU, ICCU, Paediatric and Neonatal ICU
  • 150-200 critically ill patients are received in ED and Trauma centre daily
  • ED provides in-hospital reception, triage, resuscitation and management of undifferentiated urgent and emergency cases until discharge from ED or transfer to the definitive care
  • Some of most advanced technologic and therapeutic modalities in EM including bedside ultrasound and advanced airway management, hemodynamic monitoring and high quality care for life threatening injuries