Pain Management Department

  • General Information


          Incharge Pain Management                      –    Dr. Tallika P.
Phone No.(ext.)                                     –    079-22683721             
Fax No.                                                –    079-22683421
Operating rooms                                   –    A-4, First Floor, Main Building,
Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

  • Patient Guide

OPD location                                         –    Wing No.1, Ground Floor, Room No.11,
OPD Building, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad
Indoor Wards                                          –    A-4, Main Building, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

OPD Schedule of Pain Clinic Doctors                                                            

OPD Schedule

 OPD Time      –  9:00am to 1:00pm
Dr. Tarlika P. –   All Weeks Days