Future Plans


The Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad holds the distinction of being Asia’s largest hospital built over @ 110 acres of land consisting of hospitals, medical colleges and hostels. The original hospital premises had been designed and built starting in the year 1952.  Over the years, many new buildings were constructed on as required basis till there was no room for additional requirements / structures to be accommodated. Also over the years many buildings had dilapidated due to fatigue and age. The infrastructure facilities were also highly inadequate and like the buildings were in a poor state and required a major revamp.

The need to improve the quality of building and infrastructure services in the campus was identified in the year 2007. In order to standby its commitment to be able to provide high-quality healthcare to a large section of the population at a subsidised / very low cost, the Government of Gujarat decided draw up a Master Plan which identified all works requiring repair, renovation, refurbishing, strengthening as well as new construction and up-gradation of Infrastructure of the entire Civil Hospital Campus.  The Master Plan of the campus has been prepared and the implementation of which is planned in a phased manner.

Objective of the Master Plan

The main objective of the master planning for the entire campus is aimed at transforming the present dilapidated and inadequately serviced state into a model campus with efficient layouts, adequate infrastructure services and hospital services  including trauma care delivery.

After a thorough analysis of the existing conditions at site and with due participation from all the stakeholders, a blueprint for the civil hospital up-gradation program was developed. The master plan included the refurbishment and structural strengthening of certain existing buildings, new infrastructure services, new staff housing facilities, new 2000+ bed hospital etc with the total estimated cost of more than 900 crores. The Phased implementation of this has been taken up since January 2010

For ease of execution and implementation at site, the master plan was divided into 3 packages, all of which were to be implemented simultaneously.  A brief description of the three packages is given below:

Package 1: This package was primarily designed to upgrade the existing buildings in the campus in a phased manner to ensure that the existing buildings continue to operate while the refurbishment work is ongoing. It also included the new construction of certain buildings that there was urgent need for.

Projects in this package include:

  1. Retrofitting works – All wards of Civil Hospital
  2. Refurbishment works – 3 Colleges – B.J. Medical, Government Spine Institute, Dental College & Hospital
  3. New Construction works: New Trauma Center, P.G. Hostels
  4. Infrastructure works: New infrastructure services include substations, sumps, pump houses, 2 large ESRs, road works, drainage and water supply works, street lighting, landscaping etc.

Package 2: As part of the master plan, it was decided to provide all housing for Civil Hospital at a centralized location which is also near the existing Civil campus. Based on this, New mental campus area and a nearby site of Ghoda Camp were identified where housing would be provided for Deans of institutions, Professors, Class 1,2,3,4 staff, UG students, married and unmarried PG students etc including the related amenities like recreational, dining facilities, convenience shopping etc.

Package 3: As part of this package, it was decided to add a new state-of-the-art 2000+ bedded Hospital to meet the growing demands of the Civil Hospital campus. The hospital would consist of two components: 1,200 bed General Teaching Hospital and a Multi/Super Specialty Hospital for the different specialties that are under-provided in the campus currently. The hospital would consist of out-patient depts., operation theaters, ICU wards, general wards, labor dept, central casualty dept, radiotherapy dept, diagnostic facilities like central laboratories, X-ray / MRI / CT-Scan etc, physical medicine dept., CSSD/Laundry and other hospital support functions. Out-patient dept, OT department, ICUs and all diagnostic functions would be centrally air-conditioned. As part of this package, a central double basement parking facility to house over 650 cars and over 1000 two-wheelers will also be provided.