The department of Sanitation was established since the inception of  Civil Hospital, Amdavad. The department of sanitation serves the institute by helping to provide a clean environment to the patients and their attendants.

Objectives of Department / Section

The department of sanitation is dedicated to provide clean and infection free environment in the hospital. The department is also providing Pest & Rodent control services at Civil Hospital, Amdavad. The department also actively liaisons with the different agencies like Municipal Corporation, People for Animals, for handling the issue of stray dogs,cats & Bee hive.

Presently the department is comprised of a team headed by Senior Sanitary Inspector, Sanitary Inspectors and contractual Sanitary Inspector


Morning Shift                                    Evening Shift                        Night Shift

07:00 AM – 02:00 PM                   02:00 PM – 10:00 PM          10:00 PM – 07:00 AM

Various Subsections and their task:

  • To provide cleaning material to the workers deployed in the area not under service contract for sanitation.
  • The area which is not under service contract for Pest & Rodent Control services is also provided by this subsection.
  • Mechanized cleaning is carried out.
  • Fumigation services.
  • Management of Bio medical Waste according to the norms
  • Infection Control practices
  • Time to time Training of housekeeping staff
  • Conducting vector control measures

Major Process / Functions:

Presently the House Keeping services at Civil Hospital, Amdavad, OPD building, Transit Ward, T.B. Hospital, and Advance Trauma Centre have been outsourced to M/S BVG Bharat Vikas Group Contractor.