7 Tips to Restrain Cancer

1.3 million Americans are getting cancer and it is killing about 550,000 annually states www.preventcancer.com. With the increase of cancer in the nation, it makes it even more important to increase research that is aiding in the prevention against cancer. Since the 1971 National Cancer Act, cancer has reached epidemic proportions. Although there are treatments to get rid of minor cases of cancer and each day researchers get closer to figuring out the cure, it is important that people take special consideration in restraining the start of cancer. After all, the best cure against cancer is to prevent it from every starting. Although family genes will still pass down some forms of cancer, there are other things that people can do to restrain the start of cancer which are simple and easy however many forget to do them.

1. Get Regular Sleep. Yes, your parents were correct; you do need your sleep however not just for your beauty anymore. Researchers have found that going to bed before 10PM and getting up before 6AM is actually the ideal sleeping hours. Fitting this new time schedule into your daily schedule may seek difficult however it is important to the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is an antioxidant that slows estrogen production. In 2001, the National Cancer Institute found that nurses that worked night-shifts compared to those working the day-shift had an increase of 50% of getting breast cancer.

2. Meditate: For years Chinese cancer patients have been testing meditation which has proven to increase the power of ones’ immune system. In addition, the American Cancer Society (ACS) found states that one should practice meditation a few times a week to help ease anxiety, pain and insomnia which all decrease the immune system. If meditation is not your idea, try taking a quiet, brisk walk about 10-20 minutes a day in exchange. Studies have also shown that owning a pet and petting him/her each day be very meditative.

3. Watch your Weight: Start to watch ones weight and try to keep from those high-fat diet cravings that all of us have once and a while. Not only is overweight unhealthy it also increases the estrogen levels in the body. The National Cancer Institute states that high estrogen levels in the body will lead to the risk of getting breast cancer because fat forms in the breast that will form tumors. Studies now show that if your waist is over 30 inches, around your belly button region, then you are overweight! In addition, being underweight is very bad for the health since there are not enough nutrients for a healthy body. Double check your BMI and waist measurements today.

4. Eat More Phytonutrients: Phytonutrients are seen in many natural foods such as kale, cabbage and berries. Not only will these fruits and vegetables increase your protection against harmful cancer producing cells, it will also help in the aid against weight gain. Check out articles to learn more about phytonutrients on A.C.

5. Use Natural Supplements: The best supplements are herbs and spices such as turmeric and green tea. Some other popular cooking herbs and spices are oregano, rosemary, dill, garlic since they contain higher levels of antioxidants that help in the defense of cancer. In addition, taking a natural supplement pill each day for anyone over the age of eighteen is now required by most doctors.

6. Eat Flax: Studies show that people that eat high levels of fiber, at least 30 grams a day experience 52% less risk of cancer. Flax is fantastic in the aid of cancer because it is a fiber and contains essential omega-3 fatty acids. It is easy to consume also since it comes in oil, supplement and seed forms from most grocery or organic food stores. Try to purchase flax seeds and store in a cool, dark location for storage. It can last up to three months and up to three days ground.

7. Annual Checkups: It is important, especially for women in the aid against breast cancer, to regularly screen against cancer in the body. In fact, the American Cancer Society actually requests that women have annual MRI’s and mammograms since all present tests are not 100% accurate. In addition, there is a new technique called “Thermography” available to women. For women with breast cancer in the family history, it is recommended to start these annual checkups around the age of twenty.