Alternative and European Treatments for (Breast) Cancer

Edited by Dr. Thomas Moss, MD Only Amer. Dr. “Full Member/ National Herbalist Assoc. Of Australia”

Some prefer to call it ‘Nutritional Healing’ for the body. However, there are specific vitamins and herbs which have proven to be successful or at the very least helpful in the treatment of all cancers.

As an example, researchers have found that patients with cancer of the breast, lung, bladder, colon, and skin have levels of vitamin A that are lower than normal. So, start by taking your ‘Vitamin A’. 

The Latest Information on Immune Support:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘Astragalus’ supports the body’s defensive energy, and modern scientific study is beginning to bear this out. While Astragalus is gentle enough to take daily, it can help normalize the immune systems of cancer patients after chemotherapy. This is very important! ! !

Astragalus is recommended for abnormally low white blood cell counts, which usually follow treatment with anticancer drugs or steroid medications.

Breast cancer patients taking Astragalus and the immune-enhancing plant ligustrum (L. lucidum) during radiation treatments experienced a statistically significant higher survival rate. 

“The active ingredient in Astragalus resembles the chemical structure of Echinacea and larch,” explains Robert Roundtree, MD, a complementary medical expert in Boulder, CO.

Your Personal Program for Recovery and Healing

Everyone of us is unique, so we each need to work out our own program for recovery and healing. Included is my personal diet and vitamin regimen to give you some ideas. Please for your own sake, find a reputable homeopathic doctor in your area if your medical doctor does not use alternative treatments. The majority of doctors don’t, since they are given only one-half hour on nutrition in medical school. How do I know this? My nephew is a famous doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Begin by Detoxifying! 

The first thing to do is to try to cleanse your system. I started with capsules of the herb, ‘Burdock’*. There is also an herbal tea, ‘Flor-Essence’ that contains Burdock for further cleansing. Continue using for two weeks. The original version of this tea is ‘Essiac-Tea’ popularized by Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse as early as the 1920’s. There are several very similar teas such as ‘Prairie-Tea’, a much weaker version and ‘Vitali-Tea’ sold through individuals.

*Burdock Root is one of the finest blood purifiers in the herbal kingdom. It helps the kidneys quickly filter impurities from the blood. It soothes the kidneys and relieves the lymphatics. It is soothing to all mucous membranes. A big help in cleansing the system.

After the cleansing one will start to use ‘Milk Thistle’ daily to help cleanse the liver of all the chemicals we are putting in our bodies. Take one 1,000mg capsule with each meal.


A Good Multiple with Lutein for the eyes, but without iron. Try Wal-Mart for good but lower priced vitamins. 
I use one and a half vitamins. (One-half with each meal.)

‘L-Lysine’ or an amino acid complex. 500mgs Taken before each meal. Helps absorb calcium and controls canker sores, or as they call them, mouth sores. (3 x’s a day)

Vitamin A, or Beta-Carotene 25,000IU As an anti-oxidant to combat infection, also helps your eyes.

Vitamin E As an anti-oxidant and also thins the blood.

MSM taken with breakfast. For relief from joint pain and to keep it from getting worse. Esp. for women who have been taken off hormones.

Quercitin an anti-oxidant that binds to type II EBS receptors better than Tamoxifen. It has been shown to block cancer cell growth in Ovarian Cancer as well. (Take one am & pm, 20 min. before meals.)

Calcium & Magnesium Citrate w/Vit.D For nails and bones. One can only absorb 600mgs at a time, so take when you are not having dairy products with your meal.

Milk Thistle! Just a reminder to take it with your meals. This is most important!

Melatonin: There have been 8 studies in Italy which have proven that Melatonin is as beneficial as many of the treatments for breast cancer. Take 5 tablets, of 3mgs of it at bedtime (15mgs) and it is said that you will sleep better and feel better as well as help you ward of any additional cancer according to those who ran the studies.

My Personal Diet & Recommendations: 

Drink Only Bottled Water 
Distilled preferably. In Europe they have stopped putting fluoride in the water. They found that it causes cancer.

Drink herb teas. Eliminate coffee. 
Coffee is hard on the system. The acid and caffeine are detrimental to one’s health, even if you don’t have cancer.

Try to eliminate all beverages with caffeine from your diet. Do this slowly or you may develop headaches. Have you tried Postum, a beverage made from grains that is similar to coffee.

Eliminate ‘Red’ meat. An interesting bit of information came to light. Only 13% of vegetarians get cancer. In the United States, all meat is full of hormones and antibiotics unless otherwise specified. If you prefer to eat meat, find a place that sells range free chicken and range free beef. (free to roam, not in a cage) Fish is good and comes in many different varieties.

Eat Salads Everyday. If you are not a salad person, start now. Combining fresh fruits and nuts in a romaine salad with a citrus dressing and sprinkles with Feta cheese is delicious. You will find many interesting combinations including those with beans and rice, thus giving you more than enough protein.

Eat a minimum of three fruits, and four vegetables daily. You will feel better and your health should gradually improve.

Stay away from white foods. This is the hardest one for me. I’m working on a great oatmeal cookie recipe. White foods are bread, white pasta, white rice, and white potatoes. White sugar & white flour are included as they have no real nutritional value.

Incorporate whole grains in your diet. All nutmeats contain protein. Did you know that even ‘oatmeal’ has a small amount of protein in it. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber will be beneficial whether or not you have cancer.

*** This is a strange one! Apple Seeds. Eat three apple ‘seeds’ two times a week. They contain the same laetrile that you get from apricot pits – only a lot easier to come by. Laetrile has been thought to help fight cancer for years. There are also small amounts of laetrile in almonds and apricots.

Dairy products. ‘Yogurt’ is good for you if it has Acidophilus in it. ‘Eggs’ are high in protein, but if you have a cholesterol problem, use egg-whites. A moderate amount of cheese is fine. Avoid the over processed kind.

Avoid Fat. Try to use only olive oil or canola oil.

Why are we doing this? 

We are trying to regain and maintain ‘optimum health’ so that cancer does not return. I consider my vitamins part of my food. I carry them in a pill case when I go out. After a while it becomes automatic.

If you decide to use vitamin therapy you will find a system that works best for you.

Ultimately: This may seem like a lot of work to began with; but, I have known people how were stricken with cancer that completely turned their lives around using nutritional therapy, along with creative visualization and meditation. They were either cured or their lives improved dramatically.

It takes time, but it is interesting how adaptable to change we human beings really are.

The most important thing for you, is to not loose hope. As long as you can keep the spirit of hope alive, it will help you accomplish just about anything you set out to do.

Remember, you are not alone.

To the Reader,

This book was written to try to help you on your journey. I am a breast cancer patient whose cancer metastasized to my spine. That was three and a half years ago, and I am still alive! Therefore, “I know what you are going through.” 
If you would like more information from my book please send an email and I will try to answer your questions.

With Love & Understanding,

JoAnne Gullickson