Dealing with the Possibility of Having Breast Cancer

It all started when I was on the Depo Provera shot for birth control. I got on the depo shot in 2000 and got off of it in 2006. I was on it for 6 years. They say it is not good to stay on it longer than 2 1/2 years, but nobody told me that until I got off of it.

So in result I went to the doctor one day because I noticed a discoloration on my left breast. My doctor felt around and said he didn’t feel anything, but to be on the safe side he sent me to the hospital for a mammogram to make sure everything was ok.

Well I went for my first mammogram the next day and they found something. So I went back to my doctor and he told me that the findings they found was very suspicious and he wanted me to get another mammogram. So I went back for another mammogram and after the mammogram I was sent to the ultra sound department so they could get a better look at my breast. Well the lady could not find anything from the ultra sound and then the doctor himself came in and tried to find what they were looking for and he found something. Actually he found a couple things. He found a lump behind my nipple part of my breast and another lump on the right side of my left breast.

I got a call from my doctors office the next day and hey asked me if I could come down so the doctor could have a talk with me. So I knew what it was about. I called my husband at work crying my eyes out and asked him if he could come home and go with me to the doctors office because I did not want to go alone. So we both went to the doctors office and no sooner I got in the room my doctor comes in and tells me and my husband that they found two lumps, but one lump he was very concerned about because I am a medical professional and when you have a lump and it has little wiggly lines coming off of it it does not look good. So my doctor told me that the lump had little hair like wiggly things coming off of it and the only thing that went through my mind is that I have breast cancer.

The look on my husbands face told me he was scared and so was I. So my doctor sent me to another hospital that specialized inĀ breast cancerĀ and stuff so I could have a piece of mind. So I went to the hospital and had my 3rd mammogram done and the doctor there told me there was something to be concerned about because it looked kind of like cancer because of the hairlike wiggly lines coming off of it. So I went back to my doctor and he told me of the findings and he scheduled a biopsy with the hospital I had my 3rd mammogram done at.

Before I went to have my biopsy done my life in the mean time was horrible. I done nothing but worry all day long whether I was gonna die or not or if I was gonna lose my left breast because of cancer. I could not sleep my life just felt like not living anymore. It was horrible. My relationship with my husband was going the wrong way because I couldn’t do nothing but think about whether I was going to die or not.

I went back to the doctor before my biopsy because I was having trouble sleeping and he could tell that when he walked in the room. He asked me if everything was ok and I told him no I could not sleep. I hadn’t slept in like 4 days so he prescribed Ativan to help my nerves.

Then the day of the biopsy came and my husband and my aunt went with me for support because I could not do it alone.

The time came when I went back in the room for my biopsy. I had to take an Ativan before I went in because if not I could not do it because of my nerves. So I lay down on the table and put my left breast in the hole in the table and they smashed it and then stuck me like 8 times with a needle to numb it and then I heard this loud pop noise which was the needle the size of a pencil going into my breast. Inside that needle there is a piece of metal that takes a dialing biopsy of the lump to see if it is cancerous or not. They placed a piece of metal in my breast for the rest of my life in case the lump ever came back they would know where it was the first time.

So I got done with the biopsy and they told me to come back in a few days to find out the findings. I went back and the doctor told me it was not cancerous it was a benign tumor. So that was the best news I have had this whole horrible incident.

After that my husband was so glad it was not cancerous because he knew how bad I was suffering with it just wondering about it and I knew he was relieved too.

So now I have a piece of metal in my breast and it will be there the rest of my life no matter what. I cannot go to the tanning beds anymore because of the metal and my breast hurts all the time because of the metal. So I live with pain in my breast all the time but it beats not having breast cancer that is for sure. This story is a true story of what happened to me last year.