How to Date a Cancer Man

Cancers were made for family. These guys are the ones who probably want to settle somewhere with kids. The driving goal of Cancer is to achieve security, usually in a committed partnership, but always in a manner that gives him the sense of home and belonging. Motherhood is sacred to the Cancer man and he generally is close to his, whether for good or bad.

Emotional to the extreme and reactive, Cancer feels strongly but doesn’t always show it. He is a fantastic nurturer. Numbers of these natives are skilled at providing some type of nest for people: cooking, real estate, insurance, the neighborhood bar (Cheers) all come under this sign’s jurisdiction. They’re also commonly very good with children. As the Cancer tribe listens to the rhythms of the moon, nocturnal living or writing may figure strongly. At their best Cancers can provide caring.

The responsivity and sensitivity of the Cancer man causes him to fear insecurity. Because he can see things as threats to him, he may retreat and sulk. Unbalanced Cancers will whine as well – childhood is never far from the nostalgic mind. Since they are continually protecting themselves, Cancers might become indirect. This is the cause of much of their pain but they don’t realize it.

Women for Cancers

The male crabs look for ladies who are ready to connect intimately, creating a family. They like reassuring, serious women with goals. Ladies who live and love deeply appeal to Cancers. And a must is the ability to enjoy the Cancer’s own family. This man will spend time creating ties to others who need him; he really loves the idea of spending time with those who love him.

If you’ve got interest in cooking, crafty things, and have a maternal streak, you are compatible. Cancers can find career-orientation attractive as well. They see the professional process as similar to the one that they carry on in the home. The difference is that it’s a societal framework – and Cancer guys like structure. Art, literature, business, and sports are likely hobbies that you may share.

Living with a Cancer

Let him baby you. He does need to be needed. And he wants to demonstrate the fact that he cares.

Make him know that he’s your man. Although the Cancer guy doesn’t particularly like aggression, he loves reassurance. When you state your stake in the family that you have, he feels all is right with the world. This prevents unbalance.

Give him time to process. Cancer men have a swirling tornado of emotion, and they become frustrated when they don’t intuitively get the gist of some situation. They like to have time to think it through; being cautious keeps them safe. These guys have to work through the feeling to acquire perspective.

Listen between the lines. Like it or not, the Cancer is an expert at the suggestive dialogue, and that’s not the sexy kind of suggestive. It’s possible for you to learn his cues, slow down, and hear what he’s really saying without saying. Cancer guys drop hints all the time.

Love his family. Create relationships with his people. The Cancer guy loves the network. Make sure that you respect at all times his bond with his mother, no matter what happens. This really is Cancer man’s source of strength.

Cook with him. Like Taurus, Cancer loves food, but he usually likes to cook it as well as eat it (which could have an emotional component). Kitchen work creates that homy feel.

Raise something with him. You could put off having kids, but find something for him to devote his love to. Animals are great, bonsai trees might work; the thing is he likes to contribute to growth. Some Cancer guys find an outlet in spending time with nieces or nephews, even giving time to groups.

Give him a system. Cancers are actually the househusband types frequently. He will appreciate you doing some of the organizational tasks, like setting house rules and disciplining the kids.

Make time for romance. Cancer men can be surprisingly sentimental. Candles and moonlight could be things he likes to use as staging for his time with you. He definitely is the type who will show that he cares. Of course, it’s hard for a guy to be a Cancer. He might cover up. But he wants to be a romantic fool.

Don’t call him whiny or a mama’s boy. No matter how much you want to. Look past the behavior you see.

Cancer is a great guy for you if you’re the type of girl who wants the sweet, homy life. He’s a wonderful guy with a wonderful heart.