What to do When the Cancer is Back

The worst news someone can get that has been fighting Cancer: it’s back. My Father was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, brain cancer, March of 2007. It was devastating news. There is no cure for it and most treatments only buy an average of a year. The tumor was removed and he made it to February of 2008 with out any growth but then he had a seizure and we all knew what the next MRI was going to show. Sure enough it shows a tumor the size of an orange on the right side of his brain.

So where do you go from here? What happens when you are told the Cancer is back? Well you have to figure out what all your options are. That isn’t all; there is more to consider than just what can be done about the cancer. You have to consider the state in which you or your loved one is in. Cancer can be a devastating disease. It certainly tries the love of your family and your faith. Research what all can be done if anything to fight the regrowth of the cancer. Surgery may be an option or there may be some new treatments. There also may be nothing that can be done. I believe fighting or removing the Cancer is an important option but it may be too much on you or your loved one. Cancer wears on you in so many ways.

My father doesn’t have the strength he used to, he is tired all the time and very depressed. It is almost like looking at a completely different person. He doesn’t even hold a conversation like he used to. He has the option of having surgery to remove the tumor again. We carefully considered the risks and gains from having the surgery. There are always risks having a surgery. You need to weigh them very carefully against the best outcome of the surgery. In my Dad’s case the best outcome is time. The Cancer will definitely come back; it is just a matter of when. The risks are certainly there but not quite enough to pass on the surgery. The best thing I can recommend is make a list with pros and cons. Write down everything you can think of good and bad about the surgery, life after surgery, life without the surgery, and life now. Know exactly what you are getting into before doing anything.

If surgery isn’t an option and it is only about treatments you need to be very careful and do as much research and question asking as possible. Sometimes there is more risk in the treatments than there is in the benefit. Do not go into any experimental treatment without feeling completely comfortable and have done all your research. You may end up regretting your decision. I am in no means saying all treatments are dangerous or risky but there are some out there. I don’t want you to be one of the bad ones. Fighting Cancer is all about doing your homework and knowing as much about it as possible. Search the internet for support groups, chat sites, and wonderful people that have created websites dedicated to your type of Cancer. I have found www.virtualtrials.com to be a wonderful site for Brain Cancer. Finding people that are going through the same thing is beneficial not only to you emotionally but a great wealth of information.

Your doctor will most likely never tell you to look at homeopathic options. For some reason medical science and homeopathic remedies do not go together. I think it is definitely time for change that. I would look into this as an option for you. I’m not saying you’ll find a cure but you may find something to help in the fight. I will mention to things you should look up more information online. Look into Cat’s Claw and a pill called RM-10. When it comes to homeopathic remedies you will have to make your own decision. Your doctor will most likely not support the idea or think it is pointless. I have told the doctors upfront that I am not asking for their approval but want to know if there is anything that will interfere with the medication my Father is already on. It is important to do that because there can be drug interactions.

I wish you and your family great strength during these trying times.